Yoga pose Ardha Matsyendrasana

This exercise also has benefits for combating PMS symptoms. The asana helps relieve tense back muscles, relax the abdominal organs, and increase the flexibility of the body. This yoga pose is done like this: Sit on the floor with Continue Reading

The effect of music on a child

The kindest and most wonderful memories of each person remain from childhood, when he is surrounded by the care, affection and love of his most dear people and sight words for kindergarten. To fill your child’s life emotionally, introduce music Continue Reading

Yin and yang in the body

So, “yang” tissues are considered muscles, blood and skin. “Yin” – fascia (including ligaments and tendons), bones and joints. “Yang” practice consists mainly of active rhythmic movements, involves muscle tissue in the work, making it elastic and hardy. In turn, Continue Reading

Yoga therapy for joint pain

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system can cause a lot of problems for people. Due to the limited mobility of the legs and arms, the performance of any housework is significantly complicated, building a career in your favorite profession is called Continue Reading

Spring body cleansing yoga

In early spring, do not rush to do radical cleansing, start a minimal and warming program Oiling the whole body will help balance Vata dosha Rinse the nose (Jala-neti), do Sutra-neti to make it easier for the imminite Take Continue Reading

How to praise a child properly

Many parents believe that praise and helps your child gain confidence. In fact, the result is often the opposite: the child becomes nervous and misbehaves. Why? Many parents believe that praise helps your child gain confidence. In fact the Continue Reading

3 Yoga Asanas for Healthy Sleep

If you’re determined to start practicing yoga before going to bed, here are five asanas for a good night’s sleep. This selection of asanas is based on the fact that half of the poses relax the upper body and Continue Reading