Criteria for success in life

If we pronounce the phrase “successful person” and read, then a respectable businessman, a famous person, a talented artist comes to mind. But if we step a little further beyond the abstract representation of this concept, we can identify clear criteria that allow us to distinguish success from failure. It:

Subjective feeling of happiness. A person feels inner harmony, calm, everything is fine with him.
Material well-being. The ability to meet your needs. Confident movement up the Maslow pyramid.
Freedom and independence. No need to obey and report – work for yourself and read Independence of judgment and the right to self-expression.
Physical and psychological health.
Prosperous family relations, good environment.
The ability to manage your time, choose your place of residence and hobbies.
Public recognition, fame in professional circles, charity work, volunteering.
The list could be longer, but the essence of success comes down to harmony. The wheel of life balance of a successful person is even – all areas are well developed. To achieve this, you must have certain personal qualities:

Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.
Proactive thinking.
Communication and charisma.
Ability to prioritize.
A responsibility.