Mobile applications and educational videos


Mobile apps and online videos and are a relatively inexpensive way to get your first lessons, especially when compared to more traditional ways of learning. In addition, you can try different styles in a short time.
Another big benefit is that some apps allow you to set goals and track your progress. A visual diagram of your history of doing mental practices helps you consistently move towards certain results.
There are convenient mobile app options with built-in timers and detailed instructions that help you learn relaxation more effectively than if you practiced completely on your own, for example, from a book.


Since meditation is a whole art, self-study using a mobile application, without the control of a trainer, communication with a teacher, is not able to bring all the benefits, including health, in the long term. You cannot master this art to perfection and become a specialist in the field of mental practices using only mobile applications.
In addition, since applications are very easy to get by downloading to your smartphone or tablet, users’ attention and interest tend to be short-lived. And potential “students” delete educational mobile applications and “leave” meditation lessons much faster and more often than with any other option for teaching mental practice.