Virabhadrasana I

Execution technique From Tadasana we take a wide step back with our left foot. The right leg is bent: the knee is above the heel, the lower leg is perpendicular to the floor. The depth of the squat depends on the abilities of the practitioner – if, when deepening, the knee goes into an acute angle, it is worth spreading the legs wider. We check that both iliac bones look forward, the pelvis is closed, the stomach is tucked up, and there is no tension in the lower back. While inhaling, we raise our hands through the sides up – the palms are directed at each other.

We remain in the asana for 5-7 breath cycles, and then perform on the other side.

Simplifications. Hands can be lowered to the thigh of the bent leg and thereby stabilize the position. If there is a feeling of excessive tension on the back of the straight leg, you can put your feet closer.

Benefit. Increases the mobility of the hip joints, strengthens the muscles of the legs, trains the knee joints.