Proper nutrition during yoga classes to lose weight for women

Many begin to exercise on the mat to get in shape and achieve harmony. And a proper and balanced diet, which is followed by the lion’s share of practitioners, is another “brick” for building an ideal body.

We have already found out that food and is our fuel, which means that it is very important what trace elements are ingested with food. Therefore, practitioners are becoming interested in nutrition, the science of nutrition, which explains how a particular product can affect internal processes. Nutrition helps to understand the impact of nutrition on health, find balance, support the body and lose weight gently. What exercises will harmoniously fit into a healthy nutrition plan, we tell here.

The nutrition plan for each person is individual, it depends on physical data, and on preferences, and on already acquired chronic diseases. Perhaps, before compiling the diet, the specialist will ask you to take tests.
In most cases, the balance that saturates the body as much as possible looks like this:

60% of the diet consists of certain carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, berries, whole grain bread);
30% is given to fats (olive oil, fish meat, nuts);
10% remains for proteins (legumes, cottage cheese).
You can not lean only on carbohydrates or, for example, only on proteins. Despite the fact that this is not fast food or chocolate, such a diet will definitely not bring benefits. Plus, it’s important to keep track of your meals. Usually the diet is breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 snacks. Be sure to drink water instead of soda, try not to overeat and learn to distinguish between ordinary and emotional hunger.

Of course, the new nutrition strategy will not take root right away. No need to try to force a kilogram of broccoli into yourself. Understand for yourself why you need to change your habits and diet and gradually introduce new rules.