How to Learn Everything On Your own.

In your spare time you could learn a lot of useful things that you have always dreamed of doing: learning to play the guitar, cooking meat in French, learning a foreign language or learning to carve wood.

A hundred years ago, people who started doing something new, did not have at hand the wisdom of many millennia. Their learning process consisted of digging through the three nearest libraries. After that, the libraries of the whole city went on, but then…stupor. There was no more information, even if you cracked it.

We live in an age of opportunity and high technology, so most of the knowledge is available right under your fingertips (on your smartphone you can not only sit in VC and Instagram). Knowledge is now more accessible to people than ever. So what do we do to get this knowledge?

That’s right, we watch a video of a dog falling into a river and the owner shouting at her afterwards: “It’s a fiasco, bro!”

Instead, you can learn something on the same Internet and have a good time.

The next 6 points will help you understand how to learn everything on your own and develop every day.

How to Learn Everything On Your own.
  1. You have to have a goal.
    First of all, to learn a skill, you need to understand why you need it.

If you want to learn English, the very purpose of “learning English” is rather vague. Be more specific: “I want to learn English to the point where I can read books and watch serials without translation.

This approach speeds up learning and makes it focused on a specific goal. Instead of learning everything, you open up books, try to read them, and learn something you don’t understand.

Your learning takes seven steps and consists of practical skills. Every bit of information you get on your way to your goal is worth its weight in gold. This is nothing compared to the traditional approach to learning, where a university lecturer gives you a lecture for half an hour and valuable information in it for five minutes.

You choose what to remember for yourself and what you really need to learn. You can take revenge for the useless school years where you sat in your classroom scratching your turnip, repeating yourself: “What the fuck do I need?!”

In this case, you’ll know exactly what the fuck you need, because every action you take brings you closer to success. You’ll enjoy self-learning, and it will bear fruit.

  1. Look for the desire to learn, not the teachers.

Losers leave learning at school and university forever. Getting knowledge is a taboo for them, and learning is a relic of the distant past. They already know everything, they do not need to learn new things. They say that mathematics will not be useful in life, and then sit on the cash register and look at a piece of paper to see if a man in 1995 is 18 years old (in 2016!).

From childhood they were forced to go to school to learn something new. Be it math, English, geography or biology. The responsibility for finding useful information and learning was shifted entirely to teachers. People got used to it, and knowledge was devalued.

So the first thing to acquire is to treat learning like a good thing. Only an idiot says he knows everything, and he doesn’t need anything.

You need the desire not to skip the exam and get the cherished handwriting on the test, but to really understand and learn. In real life, no one will give you a grade.

The table you built in your attempts to become a carpenter is either steady and solid, or will fall apart as soon as somebody farts on it.

You either enjoy reading books in the original, or you sit there and you don’t understand a line.

No grades. You can either do something or you can’t.

It’s always like that in life. If you want to do something really cool, learn it yourself and no one will be the best teacher for you.

People have an information treasure trove right in their pockets – almost everyone carries smartphones. But, as some clever prick said: “All you have to do to succeed is read ten books, but you have to read a thousand to find them”. The clever dick meant that nobody can tell you exactly what information you need. You’ve got to try and find it.

Teachers only know a limited amount of information, which they themselves have dug up. They can be surpassed easily by starting to go deeper and read books on the subject.

For example, I work as a mathematics teacher and tutor. I provide children with important and useful knowledge that will help them learn this science faster and more effectively. Teacher’s work is noble and important, but…

…I understand perfectly well that if a child wants to learn math on his own, he can do it himself, and he won’t need me.

I taught myself everything I needed at school by finding information on websites and in textbooks. The teachers told me how difficult and boring it was, so I preferred to be my own teacher.

So do you, look for what you need on your own. You don’t need expensive courses or tutors or classes. Be a minimalist in training. Take your own classes. All you have to do is stop being a bum who already knows everything.

How to Learn Everything On Your own.

Why is self-education much more useful than listening to the teacher? Because when you deal with a problem yourself, your horizons expand and your thinking increases. When you are chewed up by your teacher, you may have understood a specific topic, but your mind has not become stronger.

Self-learning pushes your mind and thinking, giving you the wit to solve more complex problems.

Absolutely always, when I understood a topic myself, I understood it a hundred times better than when I was explained.

  1. Listen to yourself, not the people around you.
    If you want to learn something and do something, don’t listen to losers who tell you it’s impossible.

People without discipline and self-respect will always say that it is difficult, that it is impossible, that it makes no sense.

You know what? It doesn’t make sense to listen to them.

When I went to one of the best universities in the country, I had tough teachers. They had an eagle’s eye on the cheating people.

I’ve heard a hundred times it’s impossible to cheat from them. I heard, but I didn’t listen. I would come to the exam every time and wait. The phone with the PDF textbook was hidden up the sleeve of my sweater or jacket. All I needed was the right moment to get it.

I was sitting sweaty with excitement. My heart was pounding rabid. I saw that the teachers were wary and there was no chance, but I waited patiently for my moment. Someone had already been caught with the phone and kicked out.

And so, as always, I wait long enough, the atmosphere discharges and the teacher relaxes. I take out the phone and write it off, and then I pass my exam.
I successfully passed the exam after the exam using this formula.

I was deaf to the weak and did things my own way. For me, it was real.

Don’t listen to losers. They’ll always try to drag you down into a swamp of mediocrity.

If you feel you can do things differently, then you can do things differently.

Don’t listen to the mediocrity around you.

  1. Learn the Internet.

Yeah, you should learn the Internet. Yeah, I said that in the 21st century.

For many, the Internet is limited to social networks and publics, the benefits of which are no more than a dog shitting at the door.

People have the wisdom of thousands of years under their fingertips. People can learn how to program, embroider, draw, write, solder – and anything the fuck you can learn on the Internet.

However, when you explore Google, you can see a bunch of queries like “I don’t know where to work” or “who to work if you can’t do anything” – you can check.

Learn if you can’t do anything and you don’t know anything! If you have a useful skill that you can offer, you’ll have a job.

Instead, people sit on public places like MDK, put photos in installations, but what’s in the dry residue? A vegetable whose head is full of phrases from funny videos and fresh memes. He wants to spoil and drink beer while watching the TV show “Kiddies”.

Publics are preaching how cool it is to drink, to be lonely and not mean anything in their lives. So people come out of there with their heads washed off. They think it’s okay to be nothing and chew your life like tasteless fresh gum.

Do you want to be something? Stop hanging around in these publics and learn something useful. The Internet is not only a source of memes, it’s also a source of your education.

A person gets a real education when he has a specific task to solve. Knowledge, called “higher education”, has long been outdated and carries little useful information. Anyone who has taken up a job in a specialty is convinced of this.

In fact, a teacher is the one who chews up your textbook. If you are ready to sit and read textbooks and books on your own, no teacher will not hide behind you. You’ll learn faster and more successfully.

How to Learn Everything On Your own.
  1. Copy someone else’s success
    One of the most productive ways to learn something is reverse engineering. It’s a way of learning from the reverse.

When I wanted to create my blog, I didn’t really know where to start. Hostings, domains, ISPs, CMS engines – all these words, although not Arabic spells, did not inspire much trust.

Then I went from the opposite. I studied the famous American bloggers I like to read, and I found out what and how they do. I carefully studied how their sites work, what services they use.

The result didn’t keep me waiting. Back in the early summer of 2017, the creation of my site was a dark forest for me, but by the end of the summer I already knew what to do. Now, in October 2017, my site looks juicy and beautiful, and for this thanks to reverse engineering. I learned everything on my own.

A short instruction to someone who doesn’t know how and where to start:

Find a ready-made solution that suits you.
Find out how that solution worked.
Copy it by making the right edits and remaking it for yourself.
You can use this approach in your studies, work, and hobbies. It’s limited to your imagination and creativity.

Losers will tell you: “If he succeeds, it does not mean that you succeed”.

Successful and prosperous people will say, “If he did it, you can do it.”

Who to listen to, it’s up to you.

  1. Patience yourself.
    Every day, trillions of dollars are walking around the world, leaving someone and returning to someone. What resource never comes back to anyone? That’s right, time.

Time can be your best ally or your worst enemy – it all depends on how you use it.

We all have 24 hours a day. Saying you can’t make it is the easy way. We all don’t.

If you really want to succeed, you’ll find time and opportunity.

Patience is the price the winner pays. When a loser gives up and goes to watch the show, the winner remains with the problem – that’s the difference between them.

To sum it up, you can learn everything on your own. You do it your way, and no one will stop you.

You can achieve anything if you believe it and persevere.

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