Five ways to get your child to learn. Practical tips from a psychologist

Your outlaw is getting fives in his diary again? The child does not listen, and it is simply impossible to get him to do his homework? Many parents have a situation when a child does not know why are linking verbs important, want to study, skips school and is not attentive in class.

Often adults make many mistakes in order to get their daughter or son to study. This happens because there is no knowledge of how to bring up a love of learning in children. Some begin to bring up the same way they were brought up in childhood. It turns out that the mistakes of upbringing are passed on from generation to generation. First our parents torture themselves and force us to study, then we apply the same torture to our children.

When a child does not study well, we paint ourselves with unhappy pictures in our heads of what their future might be. Instead of a prestigious university and a degree, a third-rate technical school. Instead of a brilliant career and a good salary work, ab

out which it is embarrassing to tell friends. And instead of a pittance on which you do not know how to live. No one wants such a future for their children.

5 practical tips on how to motivate your child to get straight A’s

The first thing that every parent should know is that the child should be praised for any of his achievements Including for knowing that what is the e in pemdas.
Then he will naturally develop a desire to learn. Even if he is not doing something well enough, you still need to praise him. After all, he almost coped with a new task and put a lot of effort. This is a very important condition, without the implementation of which the child can not learn.
In no case do not scold for the mistakes, because the mistakes of learning.
If you scold a child for something he is not good at, he will forever lose the desire to do it. Making mistakes is a natural process, even for adults. Children do not have the same life experience and only learn new tasks, so you must be patient, and if your child does not do something, it is better to help him figure it out.
Do not give gifts for learning
Some adults in order to motivate them, promise to give their children various gifts or monetary rewards for good studies. You should not do this. Of course, at first the kid will find incentive and will try to study, but over time he will demand more and more. And small gifts will cease to satisfy him. In addition, learning is his daily compulsory activities, and the child should understand it. So the question of motivation will not be solved in such a way in the long term.
You need to show your son or daughter the full extent of the responsibility that lies in this activity – learning.
To do this, explain why it is necessary to study at all. Often children who are not particularly interested in learning do not understand why it is necessary. They have a lot of other interesting things to do, and school interferes with that.
Sometimes parents demand too much from their children.
Now the curriculum is already several times more complicated than before. Yes, if the child also goes to educational circles, it is natural that overwork can occur. Do not require a child to be perfect. It is quite natural that some subjects are more difficult for him, and it takes more time to understand them.