Bhastrika pranayama is translated as “bellows breathing”. Often this exercise is called “breathing fire” on

Bhastrika is similar to kapalabhati, but in bhastrika there is an equal emphasis on inhalation and exhalation. Bhastrika Pranayama stimulates the solar plexus area and induces a feeling of cheerfulness. This technique energizes the body so much that it can replace morning coffee. You have probably already tried this pranayama in yoga classes, it is also often called the breath of fire.

How to practice

Sit with a straight back, place your palms on your hips. Start by taking a deep breath through your nose. Vigorously push the navel towards the spine, making a sharp strong exhalation through the nose. Then also inhale vigorously expanding the abdomen sharply. Your inhalations and exhalations should be equally strong and equally long. You can start with two-second inhalations and exhalations, and as you practice, breathe faster.