Basic Principles of Abstinence Practice

Sexual abstinence should be practiced on three levels:
On the level of the body – physical abstinence;
at the level of speech – not to talk and not to support conversations on the topic of sexual relations;
On the level of the mind – substituting incoming information, refraining from watching movies, music videos, etc. with questionable content, controlling thoughts in order to prevent daydreaming and worrying about it.
An active lifestyle. As we shall see below, it is not abstinence itself that does the main harm to the body or, but a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, to avoid the adverse effects of the practice of abstinence it is necessary to do sports, especially yoga is useful, about this too later.
A healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and meat products. First, alcohol is a poison, and it destroys the body in any case, also under the influence of alcohol a person ceases to control himself and is especially prone to violate the practice of abstinence. Meat is a heavy product, highly polluting to the body, moreover, nowadays animals raised for slaughter are pumped full of hormones, which have a negative effect on the human body. At the same time both alcohol and meat, according to Ayurveda, carry the energy of tamas (ignorance), which is destructive to the human body and consciousness as a whole. In addition, the level of consciousness at the use of tamasic products greatly decreases and provokes a person to satisfy primarily his passions instead of implementing good deeds.

Purification of the body. Performing cleansing practices improves the physical, mental and spiritual state of the person. Vital processes in the body are harmonized, perception of the world changes.

That is abstinence is not only the absence of direct satisfaction of your sexual needs, but also in general a change of lifestyle and thoughts. In this case abstinence will bring extremely positive results in all senses.