Who’s vs Whose

Today we are going to tell you in detail about whose versus who’s. How to Use Whose in a Sentence Whose definition: Although the word whose is a pronoun, because it shows ownership or possession, technically, it is an adjective Continue Reading


When you’re learning a new language, a cognate is an easy word to remember because it looks and means the same thing as a word you already know. For example, gratitude in English means the same as gratitud in Spanish. Continue Reading

Cognates definition

A cognate is a word that is related in origin to another word, such as the English word brother and the German word bruder or the English word history and the Spanish word historia. The words were derived from the same source; thus, they are cognates (like cousins tracing their ancestry). Because they Continue Reading

Dyslexia for numbers

Combination programs are programs Dyslexia for numbers of study that combine classroom instruction with distance learning, often through online tools that allow students to get advice from instructors. Such tools include online forums, video conferencing, and Internet telephone technology such Continue Reading