6 tips from a mathematics teacher to prep for gre quizzes and exams

6 tips from a mathematics teacher to prep for gre  quizzes and exams

Written works on mathematics is catching up with the fear of unprepared schoolchildren. Than to be afraid and hide from the control, and then get a low score, it is better to stress out and prepare in advance for the mathematical test. Math teacher Dmitry Sudnik will give a couple of tips on how to write a test and exam in mathematics better than before.

How to prep for gre math?

There’s no water flowing under the bedrock…
It’s hard to prepare for a test in one night. So work on every lesson and do your homework. I’m sure your teacher sometimes says, “The assignment will be at the test.” Take advantage of this knowledge and mark these tasks and examples. That way you will know which tasks to focus on in preparation. Your teachers will tell you in advance when the quiz is scheduled. Need constant practice gre tests.

Separately, write out all the topics to be covered in the quiz. For each theory point, select typical tasks from the textbook and workbook. The list will make it easier for you to calculate the preparation time and distribute the workload.

A house is not built without corners…
It’s not easy to understand math without a theoretical basis. Learn theorems and formulas in time. Use different ways to memorize information: tables, schemes, cards or stickers.

The master’s case is afraid…
It’s easier to deal with tasks when you have an example of a solution before your eyes. Keep a close eye on the tasks in class and take a detailed note of the solution. The more typical numbers you perform, the better the solution algorithm will work out. Review your workpieces before the test.

There’s no hitting on demand…
If you can’t figure it out on your own, go to your math teacher. The teacher will gladly help the interested pupil. Pair to the textbook, there are wolves, which can be found in the bookstore. Look in them only for self-examination. Cheating won’t teach you anything.

The careful one will make sure…
Difficulties in the control room may also arise from the inability to focus, to cope with the excitement. At night before writing, put off your books and sleep well. A light snack before class will calm down a rumbling stomach that may confuse your mind. During the test, don’t get distracted by your classmates.

6 tips from a mathematics teacher to prep for gre  quizzes and exams

Read all the assignments and draft the simple ones first. Then start with the numbers that are more complicated. We advise you to write the decision in detail. Re-examine it and gently transfer it all to the test book. You shouldn’t get yourself worked up if you can’t solve some task. In any case, the math test doesn’t decide your fate.

“There are special collections of examination problems. For schoolchildren who want to prepare well for the exam, these are desk books. From them, the tasks are selected directly for the exam. You can train on them yourself. But here comes the question of self-discipline. Sometimes pupils will solve three tasks and drop them. For those who do not have enough patience, there are courses and tutors. The school also has elective courses. If it is not possible to go to the teacher, you can work in pairs. First, solve the tasks yourself, and then compare it with the decision of a friend, with the answer in the ears. Difficulties arise – to go to the teacher of mathematics”.

“Great care must be taken with the wires to the examination taskbooks. Errors are often found in them. For example, you should multiply them by 2, and the solution is 3. I don’t know what this has to do with: either they are special or they are typer’s errors. When students cheat off a typesetter without understanding, all these errors remain in their notebooks.

The kids are also composed by teachers who are involved in writing the tasks. Sometimes solutions for easy tasks are written in a serious mathematical language, which is unlikely to be used by ordinary students. So I wouldn’t advise you to use wizards thoughtlessly”. Prep for gre maths per day.

Brainfully prepare for exams and tests and good marks in your pocket. Also, read how to pass the graduation exam in the English language, history of Belarus and write a narrative in Russian or Belarusian.