3 creative ways to get your child interested in learning math

Not all children like math including even numbers at school. And if in the primary grades they more or less cope with the school program, as soon as the material becomes more difficult, many begin to fall behind.

In many cases, you wouldn’t have a problem if you got your child interested in learning math right away. To encourage your child, approach the problem creatively.

1. Develop your child’s motivation in addition using number lines. Tell him a fascinating story about the Egyptian pyramids, about treasure hunters, about space – in short, anything that can interest your student. As your child listens with open mouth, notice quietly that all these discoveries and achievements are impossible without mathematics: to build the pyramids you need to know the laws of mathematics, to find treasures you calculate the scale to the centimeter and transfer the picture from the map to the real space.

2. Offer your child the tasks aout addition sentences: true or false of life. If you are trying to explain to him from morning till night how important it is to study mathematics, most likely it turns on a mechanism of resistance. No trees, houses and birds do not interest the child – he needs not imaginary, but practical tasks. So try to transform math into real life. For example, if your child likes to play baseball, make him count how many points he has to score to beat you, or vice versa. Get some candy to help. Give a few candies to your child and take a few more for yourself. Let the child count how many candies he needs to beat you. If he answers correctly, he will get candy for himself. At the store, ask your child to estimate how much you might have to pay at the checkout and at home help you figure out how many ingredients to add to a dish. In short, get creative. Study your child’s tastes and preferences, and you will always find ways to incorporate math into their lives.

3. Although math is an exact science, it requires creativity. Use puzzles and crossword puzzles – they develop flexibility of thinking. Choose an innovative methodology for learning. Do not be afraid to experiment. Even for middle school students you can find interesting options for learning 5th grade math in the form of online exercises.

So, to date, teachers in collaboration with psychologists and methodologists have developed many interesting teaching methods for children: the Peterson method allows you to master mathematics by playing with cubes and chips, Nikitin offers a visual demonstration of each problem. If it is about trees, then the child should show a tree, if it is about people – then people. It is easier for a child to operate with concepts that he sees than live in his imagination.