1st grade math games

1st grade math games

The method uses the basic poker rules based on four card suits. With the help of these special cards you can play classic poker, as well as numerous popular family and youth games: drops poker, Texas poker, and other games that many people love 1st grade math games.

Any educational subject can be realized within this format. There are decks that use sequentially ordered facts, such as historical facts: the rotation of the presidents of America, the Mendeleev table, sections of the Bible, etc. The ordered facts are distributed by card suits and players are given the freedom to choose a poker game. These can be such varieties of poker as Genie, Lady, or Bidwist. Classic poker rules with the use of poker chips can also be used.

The “Training System of Points”, developed especially for POKEDU, implies standard rules of the game and implements many functions. The main task is to provide a certain amount of educational information in an interactive interaction. Whether it is a lesson with a teacher, self-study, intellectual fun or even testing, at home or in a classroom – POKEDU always works. Entertainment, training or a tournament that can enrich with new knowledge – two hours with POKEDU equals 8th grade go math book two hours of focused study of a subject, only with the opportunity to win or lose.

1st grade math games

In a classroom environment, this game technique provides more opportunities for teacher-student interaction. The student will have a more complete understanding of the subject. POKEDU also promotes the critical thinking needed to win card games. The educational game process is more focused on the challenge of lively interest of people, it uses the natural desire to prove themselves in a competitive environment and to win. Thus, the game encourages to study, remember and manipulate your knowledge. POKEDU is a game not only against competitors, but also against own knowledge about the subject on which it is based. POKEDU requires the ability to think logically, the skill to assess risk, as well as the ability to understand and memorize the subject.

Nowadays POKEDU is an innovative tool in education, it has already proved its usefulness in basic and additional educational subjects and has already earned love and recognition for its ability to arouse lively interest and encourage healthy competition. Moreover, as it turned out, POKEDU possibilities are very useful in other areas as well. The game has become an excellent tool in building a brand of corporations.

Currently, the game development is being successfully applied in the Museum of African American History (Black History Museum), Museum of American Soul Music (Museum of American Soul Music), in partial government funded schools (Charter Schools) from 6 to 12 grades, as well as the National Civil Rights Museum. The method has also proved to be a good aid in the additional education of young people. With the help of POKEDU game features, you can describe the content, goals, needs and historical value of any facts in a simple, entertaining way, while leaving a vivid impression for a long time.

The POKEDU is currently developing gaming technology to expand educational opportunities. Further it is planned to use the given game technology online as it will provide a number of advantages: simplicity of installation, mobility, possibility of use of an artificial intelligence (game with the computer), game application in Internet communities.